Reason1. Fertile and Trusted Free Market

Reason1. Fertile and Trusted Free Market

World’s 3rd largest economy and trusted investment destination


World No.3

Current GDP (USD billion, 2021)
No. Country Current GDP
1 US 22,996
2 China 17,734
3 Japan 4,937
4 Germany 4,223
5 UK 3,187
  1. Source :

    ”Gross Domestic Product 2021” (World Bank, July 2022)

Confidence Index

Asia No.1 / World No.4

No. Country
1 US
2 Germany
3 Canada
4 Japan
5 UK
  1. Source :

    “The 2022 FDI Confidence Index” (Kearney)

Developed and free market that provides ample opportunities for new entrants

Japan’s Market Size is the Biggest Attraction for Foreign-affiliated Companies

63% *

  1. *

    63% of the survey respondents cited the Japanese market size as the most attractive feature of doing business in Japan.

  1. Source:

    ”FY2021 Survey on Business Operations of Foreign-affiliated Companies in Japan” (JETRO)

Domestic Competition

World No.5

No. Country / Region
1 Hong Kong
2 Singapore
3 Switzerland
4 Netherlands
5 Japan
7 US
  1. Source:

    “The Global Competitiveness Report 2019”  (World Economic Forum)

Japan leverages FTAs to develop preferential access to global markets

FTA Coverage by Major Trading Economies:

Four pie charts. Country, percentage in force or signed, percentage under negotiation, trave value in 2021, in sequence. Japan 78.8% 21.2% 1.5714 trillion US dollars (converted at 106.82 yen to the US dollar), China48.4%51.6%6.0471 trillion US dollars, South Korea78.8%21.2%1.2595 trillion US dollars, US43.4%56.7%5.892 trillion US dollars, EU45.2%54.8% 4.599 trillion US dollars.
  1. Source:

    ”White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2022” (METI)

World’s leading industrial competitiveness creating various high value-added products

Industry Competitiveness

World No.4

No. Country / Region
1 Germany
2 China
3 Ireland
4 Japan
5 South Korea
6 US
7 Switzerland
8 Taiwan
9 Singapore
10 Netherlands
  1. Source:

    UNIDO (2021), CIP Competitive Industrial Performance Index. Vienna.
    Available from

Economic Complexity

(A rank of countries based on how diversified and complex their export basket is)

World No.1

No. Country / Region
1 Japan
2 Switzerland
3 Germany
4 South Korea
5 Singapore
6 Czech Republic
7 Austria
  1. Source:

    “The Atlas of Economic Complexity 2019” (Growth Lab at Harvard University)

Reason2. Innovation Ecosystem Open to the World

R&D Capabilities

1st in the world

Reason2. Innovation Ecosystem Open to the World

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