Co-create the Next Value

J-Bridge is a business platform to facilitate collaboration between Japanese and overseas companies. JETRO supports cross-border open innovation for accelerating digital and green transformation.

Focus Countries/Regions

  • Southeast Asia
  • India
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • U.S.
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Japan
  1. *J-Bridge provides services mainly in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, the U.K. and Germany in Europe, and Nigeria and Kenya in Africa.

Focus Fields


  • Mobility
  • Health Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Agri Tech
  • Retail Tech
  • Smart Cities
  • FinTech
  • Robotics
  • Information security



  • Renewable Energy (offshore wind power, biomass, etc.)
  • Energy conservation
  • Storage batteries
  • Hydrogen
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Greening and environmental conservation technologies



Cooperation between Japanese companies and overseas startups for the development of new businesses, thereby:

  • Business alliance including technical cooperation, joint R&D, and M&A
  • Capital alliance including investment, setting up JV (Joint Venture), etc.

What you can expect?

JETRO Offices in targeted countries/regions will provide you the following services.

  1. Flow


    Publicity of your business activities and potential areas of collaboration to “J-Bridge Members,” JETRO’s membership program among Japanese corporates with special interests in business collaboration and alliance with overseas companies

  2. Flow


    Networking opportunities with Japanese corporates through JETRO’s various online seminar/matching events

  3. Flow


    One-on-one business meetings with J-Bridge Members and follow-up by JETRO

  4. Flow


    Individualized support from JETRO in line with your business development stage
    (i.e. further consultation on business alliance formation and/or introduction of other Invest Japan programs)