Explore Craftmanship and Culture in JapanIndustrial Tourism in Japan

Come See What Makes Japan Tick

Explore the world of industrial tourism in Japan!

Enjoy factory tours, plant tours, craft centers, industrial museums, farm tours, brewery tours and more. From cutting edge technology to traditionally crafted artisanal goods, Japanese producers excel at the art of creation.
See the process, taste the results and meet the people who make Japan such a fascinating and innovative place.

The Art of Making Things

How is it made? How does this work? What makes it go? Enter the fascinating world of industrial tourism, where you can learn about the process of invention and manufacture, from ideas to release. In seeing how?and why?things are made, you can also glimpse the inner workings of a nation. Through the lens of industry, you can learn Japan's history and the industries that drive its economy and its vision for the future.

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