1. Ryujin-screwdriverbit series

    1,680yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    This pruduct is tough screwdriver bit for heavy duty and most popular bit for Japanese professional user.

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  2. frexible shaft for power tool

    3,800yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    It is convenient for narrow space working by flexible shaft.

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  3. L type adapter for power tool

    4,000yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    It is convenient L type adapter, small sized and lightweight.

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  4. Offset adapter for power tool

    16,000yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    It is convinient offset adapter for power tool. You can fasten soket by power tool in nallow space.

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  1. soft grip screwdriver No.3900

    740yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Non-slip, easy to use, soft grip screwdriver. Good quality screwdriver that tip is black-point finish.

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  2. Slim blade insulated screwdriver No.7900

    950yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    1000V withstand voltage insulated screwdriver.Its blade is slim design.

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  3. rubber grip screwdriver set No.6900

    1,900yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Non-slip, easy to use, soft grip screwdriver set. Its blade is good quality. It is able to use straight and T type.

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  4. Action-glip screwdriver set No.3350,No.3360

    7,000yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Non-slip, easy to use, soft grip interchangeble screwdriver. Its blade is good quality. It is able to use straight and T type by one action.

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  5. Offset rachet screwdriver set No.525-28B

    7,000yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Good quality 52 teeth rachet offset screwdriver and several bits are setted in the steel case.

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  6. Nejitori Impact remover No.1903-N

    2,980yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    For broken screw, you can remove the screw by NEJITORI IMPACT tool.

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Machinist tools
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“Anex” branded high quality screwdriver manufacture in Japan. We are a consistent production factory. We realize ideal processing under strict quality control. We supply innovative products for customer’s satisfied.
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