Food Yoshikawa-touji no Sato., LTD

  1. Tenkeiraku Junmai

    1,150yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Enjoy at normal temperature, chilled, or warmed until mildly hot. Goes well with a wide variety of meals from light seafood dishes to rather heavy meat.

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  2. Tenkeiraku Junmai

    500yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Production of this sake involves using Gohyakumangoku rice to make koji and Koshiibuki rice to make fermentation mash. It features a rich, refreshing, and dry taste, producing a fresh sensation every time. It goes well with a variety of meals, from light seafood to heavy meat dishes.

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  3. Arigatashi Junmai

    1,420yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    This product is crafted from Yamadanishiki rice grown in the local Yoshikawa district. It is a pure-rice sake made from almost unpolished Yamadanishiki, known as the king of sake-brewing rice. Featuring a savory taste with a pleasant sour finish, the sake goes very well with meat dishes and Chinese cuisine.

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  4. Yoshikawa touji Daiginjyo(Yamadanishiki)

    2,700yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Yamadanishiki is a unique kind of rice, and only a handful of areas in Niigata produce it. Yoshikawa’s master sake brewers brew this product with Yamadanishiki that is polished to 40%. It is a daiginjo-shu with a crisp taste, featuring a perfect balance between Yamadanishiki’s full-bodied flavor and pleasant sourness.

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  1. Tenkeiraku Tokubetsu Junmaishu(Gohyakumangoku)

    1,370yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    This product is crafted from Gohyakumangoku rice produced in the Yoshikawa district in Jyoetsu City, Niigata, and polished to the ginjo-shu level of 55%.The fermentation process also involves Gohyakumangoku. The sake is smooth and refreshing while featuring the rich flavor of rice.

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Company Name
Yoshikawa-touji no Sato., LTD
Main products
Alcoholic beverages(except medicine)
Year founded
Industrial Sector
yoshikawa-toji no Sato1,Joetsu-shi,Nigata 949-3449,Japan
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Company outline
Located in a place where many tojis (sake brewing specialists) are produced (called the "toji's hidden village"), we produce sake using rice grown in the most famous sake rice producing area in Niigata Prefecture and traditional brewing techniques. The water for brewing the sake is obtained from spring water spouting in a beech forest on Mt. Ogamidake. The brewing department of the Yoshikawa high school, one of few training school for tojis in Japan, has operated in our home town for almost 50 years.
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