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  1. SUGOMAI Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture

    600yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Our new product “SUGOMAI Specially-Grown Rice 450 g” remains just as delicious, even when cooled. This is a rice with “safe and reliable” values added and using mineral, terahertz and reduced agricultural chemicals. The amount of chemical fertilizer and agricultural chemicals used has been slimmed down by more than half.

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Company Profile

Company Name
B.C.FORCE Co., Ltd.
Main products
Rice and Cereal processed goods
Year founded
Industrial Sector
34-10 nakayama 7-chome,higasi-ku, niigata 950-0861 JAPAN
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Company outline
A company that uses a new technology called terahertz technology to tackle agriculture, beauty, and environmental issues. Management Philosophy: Creating New Value-Let's make something that impresses-CHANCE&CHALLENGE!!
Payment Terms
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