Food Yoshinogawa Co., Ltd.

  1. Ginjo Gokujo Yoshinogawa

    1,193yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    The Gokujo Ginjo uses 100% select local Niigata "Goyakumangoku" rice. Exporting to Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia etc.

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  2. Tokubetsu Junmai Gokujo Yoshinogawa

    1,193yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    The Tokubetsu Junmai Gokujo uses 100% select local Niigata "Goyakumangoku" rice. Exporting to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc. KAN SAKE AWARD 2019 GOLDEN GOLD MEDAL

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  3. Gensen karakuchi Yoshinogawa

    658yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    KAN SAKE AWARD 2020 GOLD MEDAL, INTERNATIONAL WAIN CHARENGE 2018 GOLD MEDAL, Exporting to Canada, the U.S.A., Hong Kong etc.

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  4. Sakagura no awayuki

    450yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Kura Master 2019 Top of the class, The Fine SAKE Award Japan 2018 Golden Gold, Exporting to Canada, Taiwan, Korea

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  1. Yoshinogawa Yuzushu

    900yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    This Yuzushu is a blend of Yuzu juice with sake. Yuzu is a citrus fruit grown in Japan. Exporting to Australia, Hong Kong, France

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Company Profile

Company Name
Yoshinogawa Co., Ltd.
Main products
Alcoholic beverages(except medicine)
Year founded
Industrial Sector
4-8-12, Settaya, Nagaoka-city, Niigata 940-1105
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Company outline
The oldest brewery in Niigata. Our brewing techniques are based on over 470 years of expertise and our brewers continue to nurture traditional process while incorporating new cutting-edge technologies. The purposeful selection and careful use of rice is also critical to us.
Payment Terms
Food storage condition

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