Food Kondou Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd

  1. Junmai Ginjo Koshinokaroku

    1,600yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    A sake acclaimed in “Oishimbo”, a gourmet manga, as a perfect match for escargot, a French cuisine. A stand-out mellow taste.

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  2. KAROKU junmai Ginjo

    2,600yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    A fresh-tasting sake in a wine bottle for overseas distribution, which goes perfectly with shellfish.

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Company Profile

Company Name
Kondou Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd
Main products
Alcoholic beverages(except medicine)
Year founded
Industrial Sector
2-3-50 Yoshizawa,Gosen City,Niigata,Japan
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Company outline
Gosen City in Niigata Prefecture is literally where five fountains spring out. Sugana-dake, a mountain in which beech forests grow in colonies, rises in the eastern side of the city, while towns in Gosen City spread from the foot of the mountain. These are the surroundings in which we brew sake, with superb water available and reflecting our community-based and customer-first policy. We strive for interactive sake brewing.
Payment Terms
Food storage condition

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