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  1. KANZURI Chili Paste

    650yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Kanzuri is a seasoning that has been inherited in Joetsu-Myoko Area of Niigata Prefecture. It is made by adding local chili pepper, koji, yuzu, and salt and spending a great deal of time for fermentation. This features spicy taste as well as rich flavor and maturing deliciousness by taking three years for fermentation without additives. Yukisarashi, a work to remove astringent taste of chili peppers by exposing them to snow field, is a very beautiful scenery. This is reported by media in Japan andinternationally.

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  2. Japanese hot sauce KAMINARI [RED/GREEN

    500yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    This is a soy sauce-based sauce using famous super-hot habanero and a traditional seasoning, Kanzuri. Habanero is produced by our own farm. No preservative and additive is used for Kanzuri. This features a strong pungent taste without acidity and goes well with various dishes.

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We use prime ingredient, a special species of chili pepper for Kanzuri, which is produced solely from our own fields and the contracted farmers. We try to maximize natural taste of each ingredient using all locally produced materials and no additive.
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