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    198yen (Retail Price in Japan)

    A low protein food for patients with chronic kidney disease. The protein of rice was adjusted to 1/25 compared with ordinary rice by using plant lactic acid bacteria.You can increase the amount of side dishes by reducing the protein amount of rice.

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    150yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Low corbohydrate packed rice with 36% sugar cut and 33% calorie cut using fermentation technology of plant lactic acid bacteria. Each pack contains 9.4g of dietary fiber.Since it is made from rice only, you can continue eating it everyday without getting tired.

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  3. AGANO

    141yen (Retail Price in Japan)

    It is a thickness adjusted food that makes it easier to start swallowing if you have weakened your chewing power. Since the rice itself is soft, it becomes soft like rice porridge and you can take in energy without adding a large amount of water.

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Company Name
Biotech japan corporation
Main products
Rice and Cereal processed goods
Year founded
Industrial Sector
918-112 Yokomichi-shita, Katsuya, Agano City, Niigata, 959-1923 Japan
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Company outline
BTJ has been in business for 25 years as a pioneer of plant lactic acid bacteria. We are proud that we have grown into a world-class technology company. The possibilities of plant lactic acid bacteria are endless. We will continue to challenge as a company that can play an active role in 100 years.
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